The Amazing Power of Miso

You’ve probably encountered miso soup before. It’s that sweet and salty appetizer that accompanies many Japanese meals. Those who have developed a taste for it find it to be an engaging and versatile dish, often without even realizing how healthy it is. So when you find yourself with a bowl of miso at our Bellevue Japanese restaurant, keep the following in mind:

Miso is made out of fermented soy, which is far healthier than unfermented soy products. It delivers a good dose of protein, zinc, iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin K, all of which are hard to obtain in a meatless diet. It also contains isoflavones that have been shown to fight or prevent certain types of cancer, breast cancer being chief among these. And to top it all off, it gives you all of these benefits in a low fat, low calorie, high deliciousness package. So try one of our miso soups at Flo Restaurant and discover one of Japan’s best health secrets!