Best of 425 2020

Best of 425 2020

Best of 425 2020

By 425 staff | May 4, 2020

Best Sushi + Japanese: FLO Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

“Colorful art takes the form of sumptuous sushi contrasted with white ceramic plates. But the food isn’t just gorgeous. It’s incredibly delicious and thoughtfully sourced. But readers, you probably already know this, because it’s a recurring Best Of 425 winner. Bellevue

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2018 Best of 425

By 425 staff | May 1, 2018

Best of 425 | 425 Magazine

By Kirsten Abel, Zoe Branch, Lauren Foster, Joanna Kresge, Emily Manke, Todd Matthews, and Shelby Rowe Moyer / llustrations by Jorgen Burt

Sushi + Japanese

FLO Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

If the aesthetics of a perfectly plated sushi roll aren’t enough to bring you into FLO, the unbelievable flavors of a uniquely curated meal will. And they will keep you coming back again and again to share the experience with others. Bellevue


Junichiro Ise at FLO Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

The artful mind of executive chef Junichiro Ise is behind the beautifully crafted dishes at FLO. With such refined attention to detail, it’s obvious every plate is designed with care. Bellevue

FLO Bellevue | Photo by Connor Surdi

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FLO Restaurant | Bellevue Japanese Restaurant

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Updated on February 25, 2016 by VacationIdea Staff

“Flo is very Japanese, from the elegant simplicity of the décor to the artistry of the bento boxes they put together for your lunch. This very traditional sushi restaurant and sake bar offers a large selection of sushi and sashimi that shows true respect for the simplicity sushi represents, with the freshest possible ingredients, authentic Japanese condiments, and a few nods to the Western palate they cater to. This fine balance between Japanese tradition and Western taste is uniquely Flo’s.

There is enough for the Japanese food connoisseurs and purists – try horenso gomae (wilted spinach with shaved bonito and roasted black sesame) – and Westerner’s favorites such as the California roll or the Washington Roll, a local favorite. If you want to really give yourself a treat, go for Omakase, the chef’s choice with a sake pairing.”