Valentine’s Day Menu

Special Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu available February 14th.

If you would like to reserve our Special Omakase Dinner, please request it under “Any special requests” while making your reservation on Resy. Please confirm your contact phone number and our staff will be contacting you for credit card information in order to confirm your reservation and Omakase Dinner request. Seating and Omakase Dinner menu will be limited and there is a 2 guest minimum.

Special 4th of July Sushi Platter

Celebrate 4th of July with our Special Sushi Platter

Pre-order our special 4th of July sushi roll platter for a little fresh seafood to go with your backyard barbecue!

Pre-Order & Pick-Up

Call us at 425-453-4005 to place your order and pick-up your platter on 7/4 between 4:30pm – 6:30pm.

$105 + tax for:

California Roll
Red Dragon Roll
Seared Salmon Roll
Rainbow Roll
Spicy Crunchy Hama Roll
Spider Roll
Veggie Roll
Salmon Avocado Roll
Mamenori Roll

Seasonal Osechi

Akemashite Omedetou Goizaimasu! Happy New Year!
We hope you enjoy our Osechi this year with family and special friends. We have worked hard to present this very special cuisine in the Japanese tradition for your pleasure and please note all items were “made from scratch”, no pre-packaged items. And made with extra attention to detail. On behalf of all of us here at FLO, Arigato Goizaimashita!

Executive Chef, Junichiro Ise


1st Layer (top)

Black Cod Fish Cake
King Crab & Shiso Sushi wrapped in Bamboo leaf
10 Hour steamed Abalone
Herring Roe
Sake braised Shrimp
Anchovy w/Soy caramel
Grilled King Crab leg
Black Beans
Pickled Daikon & Carrot
Sweet Egg

2nd Layer (middle)

Pork Belly
Pickled Lotus Root
Pickled Burdock root
Black Cod-soy, miso marinate
Sockeye Salmon-Citrus soy marinate
Chicken Meat Ball
BBQ Pork Japanese Style
Beef Negi maki
Miso Chicken

3rd Layer (bottom)

Baby Taro
Shiitake Mushroom
Snow Pea
Potato Cake
Bamboo shoot
Braised Octopus
Duck Breast
Kombu & Chicken Roll
Crab & Egg Omelet
Chest Nut
Flower Carrot
Flower Daikon
Sweet Potato


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