Flo Japanese Restaurant in Bellevue

FLO is the most fashionable Japanese restaurant in Bellevue. Whether you’re looking for a traditional sushi dinner, a fully-stocked sake bar, or simply a place to get a high-quality teriyaki lunch, you won’t see a better location in all of the Pacific Northwest.

When you walk in, you’ll find yourself ensconced in an atmosphere that invites you back to the romance of traditional Japan. The decor, the friendly faces, the captivating aromas of foods both unique and familiar, this is a place where a meal becomes an event.

Impress your partner for a fancy night out, introduce your family to Japanese food in style, or arrange for a private event in order to make your special occasion truly special.

For freshness, originality, and serenity, seek out FLO Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar.

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