Restaurant Sushi vs. Supermarket Sushi

When many people are introduced to sushi, the first rolls they try are often the supermarket varieties. This is unfortunate, because it’s a poor representation of proper sushi you can find at a place like our Bellevue Japanese restaurant. If your only experience with sushi came plastic-wrapped out of the corner store’s deli aisle, here’s why you should give everyone’s favorite Japanese fare another chance.

To be perfectly franks, there is no beating fresh sushi. Supermarket sushi cannot be made fresh, because it has to be able to sit on the shelf for longer than is strictly advisable for raw fish. This is why you’re mostly going to be finding only cucumber rolls and California rolls with imitation crab in your supermarket; neither of these contain raw fish, and neither of these deliver a really satisfying sushi experience.

When you get sushi fresh from a restaurant, you’ve got a better selection and better ingredients. In addition to fish, you’re also getting fresh nori seaweed. The nori used in supermarket sushi is dried and processed, robbing it of much of its taste and better qualities. Only the nori in fresh sushi can properly compliment to the overall experience, rather than detracting from it.