Agedashi: Tofu with Muscle

Do you not expect much out of your tofu? Indeed, this soy-based dish doesn’t enjoy the best reputation among the meat-heavy culture of the US. However, the Asian tradition of tofu has developed this humble bean curd into something rich and exciting, with the potential to make even the strictest carnivore forget that he isn’t eating meat. With this in mind, our Bellevue Japanese restaurant invites you to try out the hearty tofu experience that is agedashi.

Agedashi tofu, which dates back in Japanese culinary tradition as early as 1782, is a preparation of fried tofu in a flavorful and satisfying sauce. The tofu is traditionally dusted in either a potato or corn starch and deep fried to a golden-brown color, after which it is covered with chopped onions and a hot sauce made from soup stock, soy sauce, and rice wines. You can find this dish on Flo’s specialty menu, so come and try tofu like you’ve never had it before!