The Smallest Sushi in the World

What is the smallest sushi you’ve ever eaten? When you eat at our Bellevue Japanese restaurant, you’re probably not going to find anything smaller than some of the simpler rolls. However, if you find yourself in a certain restaurant in Tokyo, you may be able to partake of the tiniest sushi on the planet.

This sushi is the innovation of Hironori Ikeno, who first came up with the idea as part of a joke with a customer. In an effort to see just how small he could make a piece of sushi, he took a tiny scrap of fish and rested it on top of a single grain of sushi rice. He then holds it in place with a miniature band of nori, and serves it up to his diners.

You may not find anything quite as tiny at Flo Restaurant, but you can always count on a filling and delicious sushi experience. Drop on down for your next Japanese dining outing tonight!