A Primer to Sushi Rolls

In the United States, the sushi roll represents the most popular variety of sushi. You can find a full list of rolls at our Bellevue sushi restaurant, including such classic favorites as the California roll, the crunchy roll, and the Seattle roll.

In Japan, the word for a sushi roll is makizushi, which literally translates to “roll sushi”. This term is frequently written in English as “maki sushi”. Among this school of sushi, there are two subcategories: the standard maki sushi and the uramaki. A standard maki sushi is one where the nori seaweed is wrapped around the outside of the rice, representing a more traditional way to prepare sushi. Uramaki, on the other hand, has the nori on the inside of the rice. This is where it gets its name, as “uramaki” translates to “inside-out roll”. These rolls often come in the form of fusion-style sushi, and are more common in the United States than within Japan.