Salmon Oil: Healthy Food for Heart and Brain

What are the benefits of salmon oil to health?

For one, studies show that omega-3 fatty acids have proven benefits in brain health in animal studies. Science has taught us that healthy polyunsaturated fats are needed for brain development in young children and for adults as well throughout their lifespan. DHA can help repair and enhance neural cell development. DHA is also proven to be useful in bringing down the risk and aiding treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzeihmer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Salmon oil is also for the health of the heart. Because it’s anti-Inflammatory it can reduce symptoms of inflammation in heart disease. It can reduce the impact of inflammatory chemicals produced by the immune system and suppress the inflammatory response, as well. This is important since chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes occur as a result of inflammation.

Taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements showed in a study that blood flow improved in persons who engage in regular exercise. No other oil supplement was able to do the same. Also, salmon oil can lower triglycerides and raise good cholesterol levels. This was proven by another study where a group of men with high cholesterol levels ate salmon for eight continuous weeks turned out to have better heart health and less unhealthy fats in the blood.

Another discovery is that salmon oil plays a positive role in fetal development if consumed by the mother during pregnancy. These children had better cognitive abilities, scored high on motor skill development tests, based on a study. They also exhibited lower risk of developing psychological and behavioral problems in their early childhood. Also, consuming salmon oil supplements could possibly be useful in preventing preterm births.


Salmon at FLO Bellevue Japanese Restaurant

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