Raw Fish, and Why it Won’t Poison You

A lot of times, when people are afraid of trying sushi, the problem has to do with a phobia for raw fish. The common wisdom is that it’s only safe to eat meat after you’ve blasted all the bad stuff out of it with heat and fire. However, Flo’s Japanese Restaurant in Bellevue has some important information regarding raw fish and how safe it is to consume it.

The truth is that not just any fish can be made into sushi. Fish has to be of a certain high grade, specifically caught and prepared so that it is safe to eat without being cooked. As soon as this fish is caught, it is cleaned so that parasites don’t have the chance to burst into the meat. This meat is then frozen to kill off hazardous microbes, and stored and handled under the strictest standards up until the point that it is placed in front of the diner.

Also, it’s no mistake that only fish from the ocean are served raw. The saltwater environment of the ocean naturally keeps these fish free of excess bacteria and parasites. It is therefore that any freshwater fish found in sushi is always cooked first, like the popular unagi. So come on down to Flo and dig into some perfectly safe sushi today!