Getting the Most Out of Your Wasabi

It’s not as easy to get real wasabi as you may think. Because of the high price of the condiment, most places will serve you a colorized mixture of American horseradish and mustard masquerading as wasabi. Therefore, when you are able to indulge in authentic Japanese horseradish with our Bellevue Japanese restaurant, you will want to make sure you use it properly in order to get the most out of your sushi experience.

The trick with wasabi is knowing how much to add to your fish. You want to complement the flavor of your sushi without overpowering it with that of the wasabi. For the most part, the sushi chef will have already prepared your sushi with an amount of wasabi he deems appropriate. Should you wish to add more, though, remember this rule of thumb: oilier fish can take more wasabi, while less oily fish does better with less.