Why Restaurants are the Best Place for Sushi

Last year, there was a bit of a scare in the sushi world as a number of salmonella cases made the news. This disease results in about 19,000 hospitalizations every year, as well as about 380 deaths. It is often linked to poorly-maintained food. In this particular case, eleven hospitalizations were linked to a single tainted batch of tuna that made its way to a number of supermarkets and workplace cafeterias.

Any venue that serves sushi to the public is held to high sanitation standards. However, places like supermarkets and workplace cafeterias will occasionally have their sushi sit out on display for an extended period of time, increasing the chances of unhealthy microbes thriving on the raw fish. When you dine at a reliable sushi restaurant, like Flo Restaurant in Bellevue, you’re getting fresher and higher quality fare, made from fish that is stored, prepared, and served under the strictest of standards. This is why eating at a sushi restaurant is at least as safe as dining at any other restaurant, and often considerably healthier.