Umeshu: Your Medicinal Dessert

Need a good dessert wine? At Flo’s Japanese Restaurant in Bellevue, you can’t beat a bottle of Choya ume plum wine. This is a wine made by mixing sugar and sake or another alcoholic drink with the juice of an unripe ume fruit. The Japanese call this drink umeshu, and many rank it among the best tasting wines in the world.

Though the juice-like sweetness of umeshu comes recommended with many dessert dishes, the drink started its career as a medicine. Indeed, the health benefits of the ume fruits are such that people continue to enjoy it as much for their health as for its taste to this day. The calcium aids in healthy bone structure, the potassium helps regulate blood pressure, and the natural fruit acids are good for aiding metabolism and facilitating a healthy digestive system. It has also been observed that the fruit is rich in antioxidants and may be a powerful weapon against the development of cancer cells. Try a glass at Flo’s today; you may be surprised that something so delicious could be so healthy at the same time!