Traditional Japanese Breakfast: Just Like a Complete Meal

Traditional Japanese Breakfast

If you’ve never experienced a traditional Japanese breakfast, you’d be surprised you’ll be starting the morning with an unusually heavy meal. It consists of foods that make up a complete meal that anyone would say is a lunch or dinner.

What does a traditional Japanese breakfast like?

A Japanese breakfast that’s traditional has steamed rice, miso soup, grilled fish and egg for protein, and various side dishes which can include Japanese pickles, nori, fermented soybeans, vegetable side dishes called kobachi, and a green salad. A fruit such as a banana is also traditional.

Surprisingly, while this meal might be considered complete by Western standards, it is not intended to be heavy or too filling. This breakfast have adjusted portion sizes to meet one’s appetite, and dishes tend to be lighter – they tend not to be greasy, deep fried, or rich. Your breakfast can be completed with a cup of hot green tea.

You might think that Japanese families spend a great amount of time preparing their traditional breakfast. Most times, it is actually quite simple. To save time, Japanese families have leftover steamed rice warming in a rice cooker, or they may have porridge that is cooked using the timer feature in a rice cooker. The night before, there could be leftover miso soup that may also be reheated and enjoyed at breakfast.

And how about the side dishes? Well, there are shortcuts, too. Pickles can be premade, kelp may be preserved, fermented soybeans are pre-packaged, and other rice seasonings are available at the groceries. Families can have them stacked in the kitchen, ready to be prepared and eaten in no time at all. Most certainly, Japanese families can also make traditional breakfast from scratch if they want to.

The Japanese take a wise and practical approach to breakfast. A look at their breakfast traditions reveals a people who ensure that the day’s first meal has all the nutrients the body needs. It has carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruits to start up the day.


Complete Japanese Meals in Bellevue

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