The Top Fish Choices That Make The Best Nigiri

Best Raw Fish For Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri sushi literally means “hand-pressed sushi.” Nigiri sushi is the small rectangular ball of rice topped with a slice of fish (sashimi). You may not be a sushi chef or expert, but there are many passionate sushi consumers who can tell the best raw fish for the best of sushi to experience and enjoy. And when you say raw fish on sushi, you mean nigiri sushi. So what are the most popular fish choices for sushi?

Bluefin tuna is at the top of the list as one of the most prized fish in Japan for its heavenly rich flavor. Most of the tuna at sushi restaurants will be hon-maguro or bluefin. However, its popularity has led to over- fishing, and the bluefin tuna species is now classified as endangered.

Japanese amberjack, also known as yellowtail, is beloved for its high fat content. It packs a unique combination of flavors due to its fat marbling. The spicy, salty, and rich yellowtail is a sushi aficionado’s guilty pleasure.

Salmon or shake is a sushi favorite and can be found in almost every sushi restaurant, both in Japan and the United States. In addition to its tasteful freshness, the salmon’s distinctive peachy color adds to its overall visual appeal. Added to that is its health-giving omega-3 fatty acids.

Mackerel is another fish packed with omega-3’s. Mackerel has a potent fishy flavor more appealing to the Japanese than to Westerners. It’s a versatile fish, four different types of mackerel are prepared and served – one of them being saba, which is cured for hours with vinegar and salt.

Squid or ika intimidates many if prepared as sushi, though as fried calamari has more fans. The squid is quite underrated, but its texture and delectable umami flavor classify it as one of the best fish for sushi.

Eel or unagi is a relatively popular fish among sushi chefs. Chefs often roast the unagi over charcoal and serve the freshwater eel brushed with a sweet soy sauce made from the simmered bones and heads of the fish. Unagi is full of vitamin B and fatty flavor.

Uni is the sea urchin’s gonads, a combination of the briny ocean taste and creamy texture which is definitely not for everyone. But sushi chefs don’t count it out. Its edible golden ovaries have a buttery texture that produces a desirable melt-in-your-mouth effect. It’s a non-fishy sushi.

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