Happy Hour

Happy Hour Menu at FLO

One Bar Drink required per guest

Asahi & Kirin Ichiban Beer – Large 21oz
House Sake – served hot (8oz)
All Saketini Drinks – Haru, Natsu, Aki & Fuyu
Ume Spritzer – fizzy Plum wine cocktail
FLO Float – red wine layered on fresh lemon and lime juices
Barnard Griffin Riesling – Columbia Valley
Kris Pinot Grigio – Italy
Forest Glen Pinot Noir – California
Ravenwood Syrah – California

Edamame 5
House Gyoza 6
Pork Riblets 6
Agedashi Tofu 6
Ebi Tempura (3 pcs) 6
Panko Oysters 7
Calamari Tempura 9

*Spider Roll
*Spicy Tuna Roll
*California Roll
Veggie Philly Roll
Asparagus Shrimp Roll
*Seattle Roll
*Washington Roll
*Fire Cracker
Shrimp Tempura Roll

Hamachi (Yellowtail) 11
Maguro (Tuna) 11
Shiro Maguro (Albacore) 10
Shake (Salmon) 10

*Indicates Raw Products Used. Consumption of raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.