Is There Mercury in My Sushi?

Mercury is a big concern for many people when it comes to seafood. The ramifications of consuming too much of this toxic metal are quite serious, so the health conscious individual is well-advised to monitor their consumption. As fish represents an important aspect of our Bellevue sushi restaurant, we want you to feel comfortable, so we offer you the following:

The straight truth is that mercury is nearly impossible to avoid. It’s a naturally occurring element, with the planet releasing more of it into the atmosphere than is released from human sources. It has always found its way into sea plant life, which is then consumed by herbivorous fish, which are then eaten by larger fish. Your goal should therefore not be how to avoid mercury entirely, but how to limit your intake.

Fortunately, most fish have a mercury level between 0.01 to 0.5 ppm, which is well below the safe level of 1 ppm as set by the FDA. This safety level is a conservative allowance as is, representing a level well below that found in fish that have historically caused mercury poisoning. At the same time, a lot of fish have important health benefits that can actually serve to remove toxins like mercury from your body. By sticking with an appropriate level of fish consumption, you can derive great benefits from fish that counteract the potential risk associated with it.