How Do I Eat Sushi?

Tips on Eating Sushi

Do you have trouble eating sushi?  Are you trying it for the first time, and don’t know where to start?  Take a lesson from Flo Japanese Restaurant in Bellevue!  Partaking of this delicious and culturally rich dish should be as easy as it is satisfying, if you only observe the following tips:

  • It’s common in Japan to eat sushi with your hands.  Some of the fusion-style rolls can be covered with sauces and sticky roe, so you may want to learn how to use chopsticks, but otherwise you should have no hang-ups about treating sushi as a finger food.
  • Always eat an entire piece of sushi in one bite, if you can.  Not only is this the best way to enjoy the full combination of flavors, but it’s also the best way to assure that your roll doesn’t fall apart.
  • Go easy on the soy sauce.  A tiny dip should be enough to enhance the taste without overpowering it.  Using too much soy sauce can be seen as an insult to the sushi chef, and it can also dissolve the sushi rice.
  • If you’re eating nigiri-sushi, dip it into the soy sauce so that you coat the fish instead of the rice.  Eat nigiri-sushi with the fish facing you tongue.
  • Your sushi will often come with tiny slices of ginger.  This is there to taste between bites of sushi, so as to cleanse the palate.