Chirashizushi: Sushi the Size of a Bowl

Most of the sushi at our Bellevue Japanese restaurant is easy enough to identify as such. The rolls, the classic nigiri, these are the dishes that we all tend to imagine when we hear the word “sushi”. However, sushi can come in some surprising forms, and it may be hiding on our menu in places that you wouldn’t think to look.

This first thing to understand is that the word “sushi” refers to the special vinegared rice that is employed in sushi dishes, and not the fish that generally goes with it. The term is therefore applied to pretty much anything that makes use of this rice, be it as small as a bite-sized roll or as large as a full bowl. Bowl-sized sushi exists in the form of chirashizushi, often called “chirashi sushi” in English speaking countries. These generally take the form of a sushi-style donburi, with a scattering of sashimi sitting on a bed of sushi rice. You can try this traditional dish today at Flo’s Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar!