A La Carte

Horenso Gomae 6.50
Wilted Spinach with Roasted Black Sesame sauce and Shaved Bonito
*Smoked Salmon Skin Salad 8.00
Mixed Greens, Yamagobo, Shaved Bonito, Kaiware with Japanese Vinaigrette
Sunomono 8.00
Japanese Vinaigrette, Wakame and Cucumber with Shrimp, Crab or Octopus
Seaweed Salad 9.50
Assortment of Sea Kelp lightly seasoned with Japanese Vinaigrette
*Hawaiian Ahi Tuna & Avocado Salsa 16.00
With blend of Soy Sauce, Shichimi Togarashi, Scallions & Cilantro
*New York Steak Tataki 18.50
Seared Omaha New York Steak with shaved Red Onions,
Garlic Chips, Kaiware, Wasabi Crème Fraiche and Ponzu
*Tuna Carpaccio 16.50
Capers and shaved Red Onions served with “Aonori” infused Ponzu Olive Oil
*Hamachi Carpaccio 16.50
Shaved Jalapeno and Garlic Chips served with a light Soy Ponzu sauce

Served with complimentary 100% pure wasabi

Amaebi Sweet Shrimp 22.00
Escolar 15.00
Hamachi Yellowtail 16.00
Hotate Hokkaido Scallop 16.00
Maguro Tuna 18.00
Shake Salmon 15.00
Shiro Maguro Albacore Tuna 15.00
Tako Octopus 16.00
Wild Sockeye Salmon 18.00
Moriawase Assortment 29.00
Otoro Fatty Tuna Market Price
Uni Sea Urchin 22.00

Set a budget and our head sushi chef will create a platter just for you.

Sushi Nigiri 2 pieces per order 100% pure wasabi available – Market Price

* Amaebi Sweet Shrimp 9.50
Anago Broiled Sea Eel 7.50
* Creamy Scallop 7.00
Ebi Cooked Shrimp 5.50
* Escolar 6.50
* Hamachi Yellowtail 7.00
Hokki Gai Surf Clam 6.00
* Hotate Hokkaido Scallop 7.50
* Ika Squid 6.50
* Ikura Salmon Roe 7.00
* Wild Sockeye Salmon 7.00
* Kani Snow Crab Leg 9.00
* Maguro Tuna 7.00
* Saba Mackerel 5.50
* Shake Salmon 6.00
* Shiro Maguro Albacore 6.00
Tako Octopus 7.00
Tamago Egg Omelet 4.50
* Tobiko Flying Fish Roe 5.00
* Otoro Fatty Tuna Market Price
Unagi Fresh Water Eel 7.50
* Uni Sea Urchin 10.00

Served with Miso Soup

* Sushi Combination 8 pieces of Nigiri Sushi with Tuna roll 29.00
(Maguro, Shiro Maguro, Salmon, Hamachi, Ebi, Hotate, Clam and Tako)
* Chirashizushi Assortment of Sashimi and Vegetable over Sushi Rice 28.00
* Ikura and Uni Don Salmon Roe and Sea Urchin over Sushi Rice 29.00
* Tekka Don Tuna Sashimi over Sushi Rice 27.00
Unaju Broiled Fresh Water Eel over Rice with Unagi sauce 26.00
(Combination of ingredients is subject to change upon availability)

Asparagus Shrimp Roll 6.50
with Chili-Mayo and Cucumber
Futo Maki 6.50
Tamago, Cucumber, Spinach, Kampyo, Shiitake
Salmon Skin Roll 6.50
with Kaiware, Negi, Cucumber, Gobo, Katsuobushi
* Tekka Maki Tuna Roll 6.50
* Seattle Roll 7.50
Spicy Salmon, Cucumber, *Masago, Scallion, Tempura Crisp
Veggie Philly Roll 8.00
Avocado, Cream Cheese, Asparagus & Cucumber Served with Sumiso sauce. Lightly-fried in Rice Oil
Fire Cracker Roll 8.50
Oven-broiled Hamachi with Chili sauce, Jalapeno Pepper, *Habanero Masago, Cucumber and Scallion
* Jalapeno Hamachi Roll 8.50
with *Masago, Avocado, Unagi sauce and Sesame seed
Shrimp Tempura Roll 8.50
Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Chili-Mayo
* Spicy Tuna Roll 8.50
with Spicy sauce, Cucumber and Scallion
Avocado Unagi Roll 9.00
with Cucumber, Unagi sauce and Sesame seed
California Roll 9.50
Crab, Avocado, Cucumber, *Masago, Mayo
* Washington Roll 8.50
Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, *Masago, Scallion, Tempura Crisp
Philly Roll 9.50
Salmon, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Chili sauce (tempura)
Served with Unagi sauce. Lightly-fried in Rice Oil
* Scallop and Crab Roll 9.50
with Cucumber, Avocado, *Masago, Chili-Mayo
Crunchy Roll 10.50
Tempura Shrimp, Avocado, *Masago, Cucumber, Gobo, Chili sauce and Tempura crisp
Spider Roll Tempura 10.50
Softshell Crab Cucumber, Avocado Chili-Mayo,*Masago
* Mamenori Roll 11.00
Salmon, Shrimp, Crab, Avocado, Asparagus, Cucumber,
*Masago and Chili-Mayo. All wrapped in SOY PAPER
Lobster Califonia Roll 12.00
Lobster, Avocado, Cucumber and *Masago
* Seared Salmon Roll 15.00
Torch seared Salmon on top of Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Chili-Mayo and *Masago
* Rainbow Roll 15.50
Kaiware, Cucumber, *Masago roll topped with Maguro Hamachi, Salmon and Ebi
Lobster Crunchy Roll 17.00
Lobster meat, Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, *Masago, Cucumber, Chili sauce and Tempura crisps
Dragon Roll 16.50
Shrimp Tempura, Kaiware, *Masago, Cucumber topped with Unagi, Avocado, Unagi sauce & Sesame seed

Masago – Salt cured Smelt Roe | Kaiware – Radish Sprouts
Katsuobushi – Shaved Dry Bonito | Gobo – Pickled Burdock Root

Edamame Boiled Soy Bean seasoned with Sea Salt 6.00
Daikon Miso Soup Radish Flowers and Scallions 4.50
Asari Miso Soup Manila Clams, Kaiware and Scallions 6.00
Agedashi Tofu 7.00
Deep-fried Tofu served in a semi-sweet Soy-Broth with Katsuobushi and Grated Daikon
Grilled Organic Shiitake Mushroom 7.50
Grilled & lightly seasoned with “Alaea” Red Sea Salt
House Made Gyoza 8.50
Pan Fried Pork and Vegetable Pot Stickers
Chawanmushi 9.50
Steamed Egg Custard with Shiitake, Shrimp, Spinach and Ginkgo-nut
Washington Panko Oysters 9.50
Bread crusted and deep-fried and served with a Cilantro Aioli
Nasu Dengaku 10.00
Grilled Japanese Eggplant with house made Sweet Miso sauce,
Shaved Bonito and Sesame
Beef Negi Maki 11.50
Scallion, Asparagus and Carrot wrapped in thin sliced Rib-eye
and topped with Sesame Seed, Scallion and Teriyaki Sauce
Calamari Tempura 12.50
Served with Nori Sea Salt and Tempura sauce.
Panko Crusted Soft Shell Crab Tempura 13.50
Served with Ponzu Sauce and “momeji-oroshi”
Pork Riblets 14.00
Spareribs in Roasted Asian Pear Barbeque Sauce
Seafood Dynamite 16.00
Bay Scallop, real Snow Crab, Asparagus, Fresh Shiitake,
Tobiko with Creamy Spicy Sauce, broiled to a golden crust
Vegetable Tempura 12.50
Medley of Seasonal Vegetables lightly battered and deep-fried
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura 18.00
3 Shrimp, Kakiage and Seasonal Vegetables lightly battered and deep-fried
Grilled Chicken Breast 18.00
With sautéed Seasonal Vegetables and Teriyaki sauce
Crispy Salmon 22.00
Salmon crusted with Curried Roasted Rice, served with Curry Ponzu,
sautéed Seasonal Vegetables and Wasabi Crème Fraiche
Black Cod 26.00
Broiled Black Cod marinated in house made Saikyo Miso sauce
and served with light-tempura Enoki Mushrooms
Aged Omaha New York Steak 29.00
Aged Omaha Short-Loin Cut, Pan Seared with Hawaiian Lava Salt,
House-made Yuzu Ginger Demi Glace or Teriyaki and sautéed Seasonal Vegetables

*Indicates Raw Products Used
Consumption of raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.