The Japanese Diet Described at FLO Bellevue Japanese Restaurant

Why the Japanese Diet is Healthiest in the World

One of the things which explains the health and longevity of Japanese people is found in their diet. The traditional Japanese diet is largely fresh and unprocessed, very little of refined foods or sugar. In fact, the British Medical Journal has recently revealed that the Japanese diet reduced the risk of heart disease and stroke.

A diet high in grains and vegetables, moderate in animal products, and minimal in dairy and fruit have contributed to the decreased risk of dying early. The Japanese’s reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, lowest rates of obesity and long life expectancy are attributed to a diet high in fish and soy.

Japan’s diet has changed little over the centuries, hence, it has held on to a very traditional cuisine. The country, being made of scattered groups of islands, enabled them to rely more on marine life for their sustenance, consuming a lot more fish compared to other Asian countries, including raw fish.

Japanese staples consist of rice, cooked and pickled vegetables, plus a lot of pickled, fermented and smoked foods. Soybeans in the form of tofu or fresh edamame and other beans like aduki as well as fermented soybean products such as miso and natto are part of the diet. While tofu contributes amino acids, iron, calcium and other micro-nutrients, fermented foods aid healthy digestion. With a wide variety of land and sea vegetables such as seaweed, the Japanese consume pack-fulls of health-boosting minerals, reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

Not forgetting also, the Japanese are great tea drinkers, especially matcha tea, known to fight cancer, viruses and heart disease.

The Japanese behavior of eating small food servings in rotation is also key to healthy living. Where sweets and snacks are concerned, they enjoy these, too, but with customary restraint.

The country tend to have a healthy attitude to food and eating. There’s a traditional saying among the Japanese – “hara hachi bu”, meaning to eat until you are 80% full, and start teaching it to their children from a young age. This is clearly a way of life and so it is not surprising why the Japanese diet is the world’s healthiest.

Traditional and Fashionable at FLO

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